Some dance to remember, some dance to forget...
By: Petani Mohd Noor

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At the botanical garden... love the flowers so much!
At the Rangitoto... what an amazing volcanic hill!
Hamilton... very serene and not so busy..
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to frens dearie,

i have not up dated my fotopages like a thousand years and i hope this entry would be a start.

i went for a vacation alone to the south island, new zealand for nearly a month and these beautiful pics explain all about my wonderful moments there. i miss each day that i had there. i was so lonely in the beginning of the trip but later, i found some joys after half of the journey.

somehow, the trip has given me more strength to proceed with what i really want in my life...

guys, do enjoy the pics..

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Maxis Cyberkids Camp

Airport Meeting
Going to the Waiting Hall
In the Cyber Lab
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Fortunately, i went to Sabah for a week for an IT camp sponsored by Maxis. It was an awesome, wonderful and i would say amazing experience. That was my very first time entering Sabah. Luckily, all i had was fun and laughters. I was blessed for winning The Best Cybermale Teacher , The Best Chicken Dance Dancer and The Best Lesson Plan even though there were plenty who were better than me. Our school emerged as the second best over all. The hardwork finally paid...
To Kak Dila, Amira, Haidah, Tuan and Hafizuddin, we did have wonderful time, didn't we?

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Nurul and Tiara's Birthday

The Black Girl who has everything...Nurul Ayuni
The Malaysian Next Top July also in?
The only two girls that are finished...
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Apparently, Nurul and Tiara had organized a very wonderful birthday party at Tiara's home in Bangsar. The colour theme was red in conjuction with the Chinese New Year's celebration. I would say that it was the bestest birthday so far. It even had beaten Kelly's birthday which i found hostile and unfriendly to its guests...hehe
Unfortunately, i came in late as i had to meet Mega in the evening. Even though, i missed a lot of fun but that did not matter. Atleast i made it to the party. Well guys, Happy Birthdays and I hope that all of your wishes come true.

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A Visit To Shah Alam

We were the only guys that went...
At the frontal part of the factory...not that big actually..
Me and Rozlina...we are just friends...really!!
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My school had oganized a visit to Shah Alam. We were lucky to have an opportunity to visit Gardenia Factory, Wet World Shah Alam and we also had visited the Coins Factory. Me and Lan had to watch the kids besides having a help from Cikgu Sobrie.
Basically, it was an amazing trip because we had looked closer at how a loaf of gardenia bread was made of, how coins were printed of and we had fun splashing water to ourselves at the Wet World, Shah Alam.
In this year's callender, our school would probably be going to some educational sites. I am not very sure but probably we would be heading ourselves to the uncomparable Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia or perhaps Sekolah Alam Shah. And hey...I was there in both places before...

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Memorabilia...Sydney, Australia

Sydney Opera House
Sydney Entertainment Center
Beautiful Buildings of Sydney
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Amazing, awesome, wonderful and exciting, those all i can say about my trip to Australia. I went there with Shidi and we really had great moments there. We went to every major tourist destination and u can say that we have conquered Sydney. We took plenty of pics for the first couple of days but then, we did stop. I finally, stepped my feet on the land of University of Sydney. I was very darn happy. I went into the varsity, took a closer look and enjoyed every moment i had there. Sydney Uni was on my list when i was in Form Five. But, since my time was "gawat", i could not pursue my studies overseas...

Well guys, do enjoy the pics.


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